Awakening the next generation to trade careers

We meticulously rebuilt the student recruitment process for trade employers to grow your talent pipeline.

Learn more about our trade career pilot project.

CTEGig awakening the next generation to trade careers

Why are methods to recruit students for trade careers failing?


3 out of 10 students are unaware your careers exist - CTEGig targets content based on student's level of knowledge to increase exposure to your careers.


Outdated stereotypes are impacting student participation in trade careers - CTEGig loops in parents, counselors, and admin’s to Increase career knowledge.


Studies show it costs $14k per open position, impacting, revenue and constraining growth - CTEGig builds you a dependable pipeline of talent.

The current state of student


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Brand: % of students who know your company exists. Career: % of students lack information about the careers you offer. Description % of students who understand your job descriptions.

Unlocking Trade Careers

Custom content to increase student awareness about trade careers

Custom Content

Our easy to use content marketing system offers you either a full-service or self-service option. CTEGig then targets your content based on the student’s level of knowledge-creating “light bulb” moments of sudden career recognition.

Core Barriers

Through research, we discovered the problems preventing the flow of students to trade careers, and designed a new framework to open the floodgates to your careers.

Barriers preventing students from entering trade careers
Industries looking to recruit students to trade careers

Industry Focus

For our trade career pilot, the primary industries we are focusing on are the following:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Distribution

Underlying Magic

By leveraging software, we unlock the constraints into a process that increases frequency and scale, so more high school students pursue trade careers.

Learn more about our trade career pilot project.

CTEGig's underling magic

About our research

Selected by the LEANLAB Education for the 6th Cohort. A nationally-recognized, startup accelerator program based in Kansas City, MO, designed to foster the growth of K12 education innovations.

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CTEGig is a trade career marketing platform that provides enterprise-level companies with custom content and a framework to recruit students for their careers.

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